Customer Testimonials
Below are some of our customer testimonials that we have received from past charters. Please send us your feedback via the feedback form by clicking here or the feedback link above. Also make sure to check out our photo gallery of past charters.

We had a great time! Our trip was a success with three nice stripers. In addition to the enjoyable (and successful) fishing, experiencing the dawn of the new day on a peaceful lake was most relaxing. Also having the fish cleaned and prepared for cooking as part of the excursion (with the recipe and grilling suggestions) was an added bonus. It was a memory made, and the opportunity to experience it with me son will be the remembered for a long time. He has a picture of the 18 lb. striper as a the background of his phone! By the way it was the best fish I have ever eaten.

Jim Nobles

Cove creek Charters is Awesome! The statements sums up our experiences with Casey and Paulene Croley and Cove Creek Charters. Their knowledge and expertise in striper fishing made our trip a great memory we will talk about for year to come. My kids, Curtis (age 12) and Callie (age 11) both caught fish and have been showing off the pictures and videos ever since. Ken and Pauline were great with the kids and the fish tastes wonderful. We can't wait to go again! Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and a wonderful time...what could anyone else ask for? Well worth the investment in exchange for a priceless memory!

John Slater
Clinton, TN

Fishing with Casey and Paulene was the highlight of our time on Norris lake. They are experts and clearly know the best places and techniques to follow. they make catching fish seem easy even for our young kids. I loved how hassle free it was. All the fun and thrills of the catch, but none of the prep or clean-up. We went home with our fresh catch in baggies and grilled dinner that night. Our picky eater kids hadn't even tried the fish we caught and LOVED it !!!!

Cami and CJ

We enjoyed every minute of our time with Cove Creek Charters. The fish we caught were a bonus... the real treasure was meeting quality people that make this world a better place.

Indianapolis, Indiana

What and adventure... it was cold, tough day, yet Casey and Pauline did not let our spirits wane, when we caught the big one-well it was the best experience we have had in over 30 years of boating/fishing... thanks for the your hard work and great company!

Larry and Nancy
Beaver Creek, Ohio

First time I have ever fished and worth every penny! Casey made me feel like a natural. I helped my daughter reel in a 12 pound striper and we'll treasure that memory forever...

Columbus, Ohio
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